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Enhancing Post Acute Care and Residences 

Architectural Signage
& Display

ADA Patient Room & Ancillary Signs
 We are proud to work with our clients to design ADA  signage that can adapt to the decor and renovation goals of your building and offer "uncommon" door signage that is attractive and also emphasizes a brand identity for your facility.

Yes, you can go to a catalogue to buy a stock sign, but  EnhanceLTC connects caracter with compliance that your customers (including your staff) will take notice.  
Acrylic Display Signage
 Second surface acrylic display signs are a signature exclusive product with endless customizable possibilities.  

Our 4'x8' Activity Calendars are unique to the industry and combine a beautiful look with interchangeable date inserts that display from BEHIND the clear acrylic windowed openings in our rapid trakc system that makes calendar change out a breeze.    No more "crossed out" cancelled activities and monthly trips to the local print shop.  

Expanding on the revolutionary calendar design, EnhanceLTC can provide therapy program credential boards to showcase the accumen of your program providers as well as "required postings" displays for lobbies that eliminate traditional frames and the unsightly "taped" notifications.  

While we have defined 3 display board types [we call these APPs (Awsomely Proven Product), board configurations are fully customizable to meet your display intent and are guaranteed to produce a classy, eye catching display.

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